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Product Highlights
Fashion Collection
A selection of fashionable styles that both you and your dog will love!
Highly durable
ON-THE-LEASH is a retailer of high quality lighted LED collars and leashes by Dog-E-Glow (TM).

A must to help keep Fido safe at night! The collars and leashes look and feel like any other collar and leash, but have a flexible LED tube sewn in.

Stylish by day, and just as stylish at night, the collars and leashes can be seen up to 1000 feet away in the dark! A great way to feel comfortable on those dark autumn and winter evenings when you and your dog are out for a walk. Turn on the collar, and always know where your dog is.

A great way to keep you and your dog noticed while:

They also make great gifts for the dog lover!

ON-THE-LEASH sells both collars and leashes online as well as at many local and regional shows, fairs, and festivals. Check our calendar to see when we will be near you!
Click here to check out the Fashion Collection!
Fully weather resistant
Visible up to 1000 ft in the dark
Licensed Collegiate Collection
Your dog as big a sports fan as you? Find your favorite college or university!
100,000 hour LED life
Constant "Lights on" or Blinking
Click here to check out the Collegiate Collection!
150 hour replaceable battery life
Replaceable Batteries included!
Check out some of our upcoming shows!
Click here to go to our calendar page and a full listing of where we are planning to be!
Announcing the brand new LED comfort harness!! Check out our fashion collection page to get yours!
New England Pet Expo,
Shriners Auditorium , Wilmington, MA
September 20, 2014
Photos Courtesy Dog-E-Glow